The first things vendors usually want to know are: Why they should join the WorldERP Network; How it benefits them, and; What it costs.

WorldERP™ Vendor Portal Datasheet

Why you should join...

Our clients choose WorldERP™ solutions to help improve their business processes, provide vendors with more opportunity, and pay vendor invoices faster.

How it benefits me...

When vendors join the WorldERP™ Network, they can get immediate notifications of opportunities and orders, automate communications with their back-end systems, speed up processing, reduce errors, minimize exceptions, and collaborate more easily with clients. In turn, these advantages will benefit you further in a number of ways:

  • The more orders and invoices you transact on the WorldERP™ Network, the greater their time and cost savings from improved accuracy and efficiency.
  • If you upload catalogs (a free service to you) into the network, you will have more exposure and a higher profile among WorldERP™ clients, boosting your sales.
  • Grow the business and customer base
  • Receive payments faster and more predictably
  • Improve time management and decrease costs for processing customer orders and invoices
  • Save 2%-5% from Credit Card Fees

Additional benefits include:

  • Find new customers who are actively looking for what you sell
  • Drive more business with current customers
  • Be more responsive to customer needs
  • Improve cash flow and working capital
  • Better Visibility into customer spend

What it costs...

Unlike most other e-Commerce sites who charge significant fees, WorldERP™ focuses on driving down costs so that you can be more competitive. Compare our fees for yourself and see why over 30,000 vendors choose WorldERP™. If you don’t sell anything there are no fees!

  • Registration:No Cost
  • Membership:No Cost
  • Contract Uploads:No Cost
  • Catalog Uploads:No Cost
  • Order Downloads:No Cost
  • Electronic Communication:No Cost
  • Transaction Fees: *1% per order (does not apply to Taxes and S/H)


Provider Subscription Fees Transaction Fees URL $39.99/mo. 6%-25% per order
Ariba $50 upto $7,495 per year,
per client
.02% per order
eVA No Cost *1% per order PLUS ordering agency pays *1% per order
WorldERP™ No Cost *1% per order SMP Vendor Fee Schedule

*Capped limits may apply

Get the attention of thousands of users and grow your business-to-business (Private Sector) and business-to-government (Public Sector) sales performance.

Public Sector clients are always on the lookout for products and services that not only represent good value, but are under contract with a State or Local government agency, municipality, or school/university. For Public Sector, finding products and services that are under contract is difficult and can significantly improve your chances for a sale.

Simply upload your products and/or services into the WorldERP™ Network using an excel spreadsheet and capture the attention* of State, Local government agencies, municipalities, schools, and universities. Have more than one contract? Upload them all!

  • Upload as many contract catalogs, non-contract catalogs, and sales fliers as you wish, Free of charge.
  • Since you only pay a small fee when a sale is made, your marketing dollars are being used more effectively and efficiently compared to any other advertising method.
  • 34,000+ vendors already participating.
How to Sell

* You are able to define your audience

WorldERP solutions, services, and network are designed to help you boost sales by showcasing your products and services free of charge!

Get Connected with Clients who are Ready to Buy.

WorldERP™ is a business relationship service that helps you find leads among thousands of large organizations in the WorldERP™ Network.

Registration is free. Membership is free. Marketing your business is free. Plus, it’s easy to use.

Once you are registered, you can upload and manage the product and/or services you offer in electronic catalogs, free of charge. WorldERP™ advertises your catalogs to all of the organizations within the WorldERP™ Network. Additionally, you are automatically notified whenever a buyer is looking for the kinds of products or services you offer.

You can also conduct your own searches for leads and opportunities, submit questions to buyers and receive responses in return.

An online dashboard helps you track of tasks and new business opportunities by displaying such information as sales leads, type of opportunity, and relationship activity.

Showcase Your Products and Services, Free!

Showcase your Products and Services in our simple, easy to use SpendManagerPro™ Marketplace. The SpendManagerPro™ Marketplace is a shopping platform much like exclusively used by Federal, State, Local, and Municipal government, Education, and Healthcare. When our clients need a product or service, they shop on our Marketplace to find what they need at the best value.

Upload and manage the products and/or services you offer in electronic catalogs, its easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Download Excel file (referred to as a template)
  2. Fill in the Excel file with your products or services information
  3. Upload the Excel file

That's it!

Common Questions

What’s the difference between the SpendManagerPro™ Marketplace and

There are several key differences that set SpendManagerPro™ Marketplace apart from

  • charges significant fees to sell your products.
  • does not cater to Public Sector clientele.
  • does not sell Services.
  • does not provide requisitioning and approval workflow that is required by Public Sector clients.
  • does not interface with client GL/Financial Accounting Systems.
  • does not offer Contract Management.
  • does not offer clients the ability to manage vendors and catalogs.
  • does not offer adopted textbook curriculums.

Do I have to have a contract to upload a catalog?

No. SpendManagerPro™ allows you to upload Contract Catalogs, Non-Contract Catalogs, and Sales Fliers.

My Company does NOT have any technical or computer savvy people, can we still participate?

Yes. You do not need any technical or computer savvy people. You just have to know how to access the internet and how to use the very basic features of MS Excel (such as entering data and saving the file.

My Company HAS technical staff, can we automate communication?

Yes. SpendManagerPro™ can be operated by the most novice user, to the most computer savvy staff. Having technical prowess allows the vendor to be able to automate: Catalog management; Order entry; Shipment notifications; etc.

* You are able to define your audience