SpendManagerPro™ eProcurement & Marketplace

Industry leading, customizable Financial and Spend Management solutions to fit every budget from our No Cost turnkey marketplace with Amazon like shopping experience, to our robust procurement-to-payment solutions, SpendManagerPro™ can grow with you as your needs grow while saving you money each step of the way.

  • Improve Contract savings & use by at least 10%-25%*
  • Instantly search contracts nationwide for piggyback opportunities
  • Improve Grant use by at least 25%-50%*
  • Real-time Account Balances w/Balance Alerts
  • Automated Vendor Shipment Notifications
  • Integrated Sourcing using WorldERP's ProRFx®
  • Integrated Contract Management using WorldERP's ContractFX®
  • Integrated Project Management using WorldERP's Pegosus™
  • Integrated Computerized Maint. Mgmt System (CMMS) using WorldCMMS™
  • Financials, Workflow, HRMS, Warehousing, Inventory control, and more...
*Based on Independent Public Sector Case Studies! ARE THERE ANY FEES?
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Due to the unique requirements of the Educational Sector, SpendManagerPro™ represents over a decade of working hand-in-hand with stakeholders to custom tailor the best, most innovative solutions targeted at saving time, saving money, improving compliance, and simplifying the user interface.

The SpendManagerPro™ website tailored to the needs of PreK-12.

  • Funnel spending to Approved Vendors
  • Contract Management & Compliance
  • Grant Awareness & Usage
  • Simplified/Easy To Use RFQ
  • Expense Reports
  • Warehousing
  • Video Training

The SpendManagerPro™ website tailored to the needs of Higher Ed.

  • Best in Class Catalog & Item Mgmt
  • Compartmented Item/Catalog Display
  • GL/Financial Accounting System API
  • Personal & Enterprise-wide Favorites
  • Vendor Self-Registration
  • Workflow w/ Drop & Drag Reorg.
  • Benchmarking and Scheduled Reports

With over 35 years of experience, our teams have developed an impressive array of solutions centered around efficiency, flexibility, transparency, accountability, and compliance.

Budgets, contracts, and projects are better managed with CapitalSMP™ to help to mitigate the risk of budgetary issues and cost overruns. Officials (like the Mayor, Governor, etc.) no longer need to worry about being blindsided by media, special interests, and lobbyist.

  • Contract Management
  • Budget Management
  • Construction and Projects
  • Roads, Highways, and Bridges
  • Police and Security
  • Transportation and Airports
  • Quotes and Inventory
  • Asset Management
  • Local Vendor and Disadvantaged
  • P-Cards and Gift Cards

Procurement, inventory, and logistics has become increasingly challenging for Joint Theater Command and Control as it strives to achieve Rapid Distribution through Joint Deployment to meet a wide variety of operational requirements in inconstant environments.

The development of new technologies, superseding items, and suitable substitute information fusion has strained the efficiency of most supply chain management capabilities, but not for us. The use of our Artificial Intelligence, IPv6, nanotechnologies, real-time secure data communication, and direct electronic supplier communication reduces cost and takes the supply chain to unprecedented levels of efficiency.

  • JV2020 compliance
  • Top-Down Transparency
  • Joint Theater Logistics Command & Control
  • Supply Chain and Inventory
  • Joint Deployment/Rapid Distr
  • Agile Infrastructure

SpendManagerPro™ can handle massive amounts of data (Big Data) to ensure compliance with contracts, projects, and procedures thereby improving; patient care, controlling costs, meeting government regulations and compliance mandates.

Our Healthcare solutions are platform agnostic and can address procurement-to-payment challenges and asset control, as well as, track key performance indicators and identify potential cost overruns across the enterprise. If you have a challenge, we have a solution.

  • Preferred Vendor and Item Shopping with Sort Preferencing
  • Custom Vendor Attributes and Configurable Sales Participation Goals
  • Widgets monitor goals real-time
  • Contract, Grants, and Asset Management