TURBOCHARGE the Efficiency of Your existing ERP/Financial Accounting System or Replace It with Ours!

SpendManagerPro™ as a turn-key Private Marketplace

Some organizations are compelled to use the ERP/Financial Accounting system they already have, but do not have the resources to make any changes. Even so, these organizations see the importance of an existing (turnkey), internet-based, private marketplace that can be deployed and quickly customized to meet their strategic sourcing requirements and will support a wide array of suppliers, contracts and commodities.

The SpendManagerPro™ turn-key Private Marketplace is fast and simple to set up and provides core functionality such as: supplier connectivity, internal and external catalog management, security, administration, approval workflows, and reporting.

SpendManagerPro™ as an eProcurement Solution

If you are like many organizations you have already invested time and money in implementing an ERP or Financial Accounting System (FAS). However, since you are visiting our website, chances are you may be exploring your options.

Perhaps your ERP/FAS is outdated and needs to be turbocharged or replaced. Perhaps you are trying to cut costs or find solutions that better address your needs without breaking the piggy-bank.

Perhaps your organization has more than one ERP/FAS or other business commerce systems where you need to get some data from one system and other data from another system.

If you come to work each day trying to figure out how you’re going to manage costs and risks, or your time is consumed juggling processes on multiple systems, managing vendors, and wrangling with users who want to do things their own way, then it may be time for you to seriously consider SpendManagerPro™.

SpendManagerPro™ can replace, or integrate with your existing ERP/Financial Accounting system to turbocharge its efficiency by providing a user friendly, feature rich, front end and powerful modules that will unleash the true power of your existing system.

Our solutions are designed to help overcome the challenges associated with too many directives, conflicting priorities, and not enough capabilities to quickly manage tasks.

With on-the-fly configuration and automated task management, SpendManagerPro™ can minimize both time and resource requirements while helping ensure compliance.

Now, just imagine what you could accomplish with procurement software solutions that deliver, all in one place…

  • User-friendly, intuitive user experience
    • Accommodates all levels of technical capabilities and user skills
  • One of the broadest sets of capabilities on the market
    • Contract, Non-Contract, and Sales Flier configurable Amazon like Marketplace
    • Easy Vendor and Catalog enablement
    • Manual Requisitioning capability
    • Expense Report Management
    • Approval Workflow
    • Contract Management
    • Grants Management
    • Project Management
    • Asset Management
    • Warehousing
    • Vendor Self Registration & Account Management
    • Easily configurable dashboards and reports
    • And More!


You may have questions about how it can best integrate with your ERP/FAS system, or procurement and supplier management processes. Please complete the form below and we will contact you shortly.


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