SpendManagerPro™ General Datasheet

SpendManagerPro™ Marketplace and eProcurement Solution

WorldERP™ provides software to help companies cut costs, reduce workload, and improve compliance by solving problems associated with business commerce, contract management, cost overruns, and invoice matching/payment.

Our solutions are designed to make it easier for you, your peers, and your vendors to work together through improved collaboration over a secure, web-based business network.

  • Enterprise-class Procurement-to-Payment software
  • SaaS based, no hardware to purchase
  • Configurable to meet specific business needs
  • User-friendly (does not require IT intervention)
  • Intuitive and Scalable
  • Easily set-up and managed
  • Built upon the latest technologies

Key Benefits

  • Multi-level Security to protect sensitive data and documents
  • Standardization and Spend Visibility
    This helps to decrease maverick spending and supply risk while increasing spend leverage. The net effect is that purchases as a whole become less costly and more valuable and a much greater percentage of negotiated savings are captured by the organization.
  • Automated Contract Management
    With a contract management system, a buyer can immediately determine if a contract exists, who the contracted suppliers are, and what the contracted prices are.
  • Solid Foundation for Spend and Performance Analysis
    With all of the contract conditions and negotiated prices and fees in a central location, it’s a lot easier to compare actual purchases against contracted buys. This allows policy or regulation violations to be caught and dealt with immediately and insures that all spend is known and available to be appropriately leveraged in sourcing projects.
  • Rebate Management
    Rebate Management systems make it easy to track rebates and insure that all of the savings negotiated in a sourcing cycle are actually realized.
  • Contract Template Based Creation/Drafting with merging fields and clauses for enterprise customers
  • Clause Library
  • Wizard driven interfaces speed adoption
  • Organization-specific configuration
  • User personalization & preference support
  • Multi-Agency/Organization Support
  • 30,000+ Vendor Network
  • Mission Critical, 99.999% uptime
  • SAS70 Type II, HIPAA, PCI compliant

Reduced Order Processing Times

SpendManagerPro™ assists in eliminating bottlenecks commonly associated with the requisition/order creation and approval processes. The direct result from eliminating these potential bottlenecks is faster order release to the vendor.

Enhance Employee Productivity

Now more than ever, organizations and their employees are expected to do more with less. These stresses on productivity often lead to unwanted or unintentional shortcuts and omissions. SpendManagerPro™ doesn't just automate requisition/order management workflow processes, but it has the ability to streamline processes by completely automating steps in the process.


  1. Increase Compliance Guard against maverick spending and cost overruns. Easily monitor activity and performance.
  2. Increase Staff Productivity Understand and manage more of your spending. Boost AP department productivity. Minimize invoice errors and exceptions. Reduce time needed for requisition & invoice approval.
  3. Quick Implementation Up and running in as little as 24hrs. What more can we say?…saving and efficiency starts immediately!


Judge for yourself how fast and easy SpendManagerPro™ can streamline your Procurement-to-Payment process and guard against maverick spending and cost overruns with a personalized demo of our features. Please complete the form below and we will contact you shortly.


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